Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emcee's & Producers To Watch: From the States To Overseas - Part 2

So here is the second part of the compilation hope you all enjoy it. Once again I have included a notepad that tells where everyone resides in the world and embedded all the mp3's with everyones myspace pages.
Here is a little side note about the cover the left side is the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty in New York and the right side is the Millennium Bridge in London and Lady Liberty in France.
Emcee's & Producers To Watch: From the States To Overseas - Part 2
01. The Unstable Fabulists - Take You Back(prod: IRN MNKY & Damo)
02. Acts? Lord - The Ballad of Peter Quistgard(prod: Clockwerk)
03. J-Snyder - On and On(The Gee-Mix)(prod: Gee Wiz)
04. Godamus Rhyme - Clock Strikes(prod: Godamus Rhyme)
05. Solo For Dolo - You Can't Say This On Demo Tapes(prod: Ru)
06. 40Love - How Bad Do You Want It? cuts by Dj Whooligan(Water)(prod: Mikos)
07. Rugged N Raw - I'm Broke & Proud f/Hasan Salaam(prod: DJ Static)
08. Spesh K - It's Going Down(prod: Rayne Drop)
09. Naeem Oba, Charley Brand, Whygee, & Ari - More of the Same(prod: GoodKnight)
10. Indefinate Etticate - Ugly Insides ft A-damn(prod: Ken Houston)
11. Cleo - Fake Ideas ft Syster Sol(prod: Leontin)
12. Dubshot Brothers - Secret Agent(prod: Tech Groove)
13. BURNTmd - Soul Snatchers ft Phil Da Agony(Remix)(prod: J GLAZE)
14. Awar & iCON the Mic King - Drifting With The Tide(prod: Vanderslice)
15. Rare Jewelz - Hump Day ft Madam Pepper(prod: Klarity and Denz)
16. Adebisi - Pray To The Sun(prod: Dylan Thomas)
17. Whygee & Sunkenstate - Tears of the Son(prod: GoodKnight)
18. Dan Bull - Outbound(prod: Dan Bull)

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