Sunday, June 21, 2009


Out of Ipswich, East United Kingdom

Just found out about Truth last night very dope emcee out of the UK really feeling his music. Below is his debut ep "Procrastinat(K)ing"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sk8board Squeez

Out of Hollywood , CA

This man stays grindin 24/7 both on and off the rails. Below you will find his brand new EP Slumber Party and his mixtape I'm Fucking In Your Fucking Out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Name/New Blog/New Compilation

Artists & Producers to Watch has been changed to Emcee's & Producers to Watch

Seeing that producers are artists just like emcee's it just seemed right to change the name; with that being said the old blog is now dead and everything has been moved over. Also the next compilation will be out before the summer is over below is the info.

Emcee's & Producers to Watch : From the States to Overseas

Part 1

01. Whygee & Sunkenstate - Hustle And Flow(prod: Kid Hum)
02. Rhyme Asylum - The Uprising (Produced By Don K-Sen)
03. BURNTmd - Good Guys First MIX(prod: Reef Ali)
04. Cleo - Table Has Turned(prod: King Al)
05. Caligula - Savings Withdrawl ft Lyrikal(prod: The Don)
06. Adebisi - 80s babies(prod: Ren)
07. iLLite - Classic shit (prod: by Mules)
08. Solo For Dolo - The Joint RAW cuts Dj Total Eclipse(exclusive)
09. Dubshot Brothers - Write 2 Remember(prod: qb beats)
10. Indefinate Etticate - Dark Side(prod: Ken Houston)
11. Rare Jewelz - Top Gun(prod: Klarity and Denz)
12. Sunkenstate & Naeem Oba - Keep It(prod: GoodKnight)
13. Allyawan - Grind Or Die(prod: Kids on DMT)
14. 40Love - Interlude (G-Off PSA) cuts by Dj Whooligan(prod: Mikos)
15. Sk8board Squeez - Vampire(prod: Midi Mafia)
16. Clarissa Santiago - Clarissa of Death(prod: Ralph Random)
17. Rugged N Raw - Smashmouth Music(prod: JJ The Jenius)
18. Awar & iCON the Mic King - Sparks Fly(prod: Vanderslice)
19. Dan Bull - Thistopia(prod: Dan Bull)

Part 2

01. The Unstable Fabulists - Take You Back(prod: IRN MNKY & Damo)
02. Acts? Lord - The Ballad of Peter Quistgard(prod: Clockwerk)
03. J-Snyder - On and On(The Gee-Mix)(prod: Gee Wiz)
04. Godamus Rhyme - Clock Strikes(prod: Godamus Rhyme)
05. Solo For Dolo - You Can't Say This On Demo Tapes(prod: Ru)
06. 40Love - How Bad Do You Want It? cuts by Dj Whooligan(Water)(prod: Mikos)
07. Rugged N Raw - I'm Broke & Proud f/Hasan Salaam(prod: DJ Static)
08. Spesh K - It's Going Down(prod: Rayne Drop)
09. Naeem Oba, Charley Brand, Whygee, & Ari - More of the Same(prod: GoodKnight)
10. Indefinate Etticate - Ugly Insides ft A-damn(prod: Ken Houston)
11. Cleo - Fake Ideas ft Syster Sol(prod: Leontin)
12. Dubshot Brothers - Secret Agent(prod: Tech Groove)
13. BURNTmd - Soul Snatchers ft Phil Da Agony(Remix)(prod: J GLAZE)
14. Awar & iCON the Mic King - Drifting With The Tide(prod: Vanderslice)
15. Rare Jewelz - Hump Day ft Madam Pepper(prod: Klarity and Denz)
16. Adebisi - Pray To The Sun(prod: Dylan Thomas)
17. Whygee & Sunkenstate - Tears of the Son(prod: GoodKnight)
18. Dan Bull - Outbound(prod: Dan Bull)


Fatol from Hip Hop Faction sent me a brand new AZ - A.W.O.L. remix album by a very dope producer named Otitis. Otitis was the 2nd runner up in the Hip Hop DX American Gangster Remix Contest out of 1000's who entered. He also has been making beats since he was 13 and from hearing the remixes he is truely skilled at what he does. I also wanted to let everyone know that Fatol designed the logo above and the cover to the AZ remix album. Fatol's myspace
AZ & O.T. - A.W.O.L. : Otitis Remixes

Jay-Z & Otitis - American Gangster : Otitis Remixes

Jay-Z & Otitis - The Black Album : Otitis Remixes


Out of Milwaukee,Wi

Victory : The Hunger For War

This is a must download very dope mixtape. I can tell you when his album drops its gonna be something serious.

Rob Viktum

Out of Dallas, Texas

Rob Viktum is a very dope producer and is part of the infamous Beat Fanatic crew. He has a beat tape series called Snack Pack and Vol 1, 2, 2.5 & 3 are available for download below.


Out of Brooklyn / Philly

I was digging the other day and found this group very smooth jazzy hiphop. Dollabin consists of DJ Ian Head and mc Verbal Math. You can download there brand new album "Styles You Can't Afford" for free below, and its 15 tracks at 256 kbps. You can get a preview of the album and learn a little bit about each track by visiting there website enjoy.

Solo for Dolo

Out of New Jersy

This is Solo for Dolo he has been on his grind for awhile oh you don't know about him let me give you some info real quick.
Solo has had a few name changes, won a ton of freestyle battles, Kno, Tonedeff, RU and Domingo are just a few producers he's worked with, he's preformed with PackFM, Canibus, RA The Rugged Man and many many more of your favorite mc's, he put out a album with his group The Braves in 2007 that is now sold out and now he's unleashed his solo debut album entitled " The Truth For The Youth" which is available on all digital download services right now. Below is the press release and tracklist for his album and the video for his single "You Can't Say This On Demo Tapes"

Born in 1987, Jersey's own SOLO FOR DOLO has been rhyming and making beats since the early age of ten. Quickly making a name for himself in the underground circuit as a teenager, he has collaborated and performed alongside legends such as Canibus, DJ Total Eclipse, Rob Swift, RA The Rugged Man, DJ Evil Dee and many more. SOLO recently released his ten track debut album "The Truth For The Youth" independently via IODA distribution. A video for his first single "You Can't Say That On Demo Tapes" was filmed in March 2009. It gained over 1,000 views within its first three days of release. SOLO is building steady momentum through the tri-state area and plans to expand while continuing to grow musically throughout 2009.

"The Truth For The Youth" Album Out Now!

01 :: Intro - Produced By : Domingo
02 :: You Can't Say This On Demo Tapes - Produced By : Ru
03 :: Crown Royal - Produced By : Domingo / Cuts by : Dj Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners)
04 :: Babycakes featuring Penguin Prison - Produced By : "chris glover"
05 :: Go Ask Alice (highlife) - Produced By : Domingo
06 :: Wake Up! - Produced By : Domingo
07 :: Glass House Theory - Produced By : Ru
08 :: Just Be - Produced By : Domingo
09 :: Aint No Love - Produced By : "chris glover"
10 :: Black September - Produced By : Ru / Cuts by : Dj Steel

Ronnie Creed

Out of Finland


Out of Denver, CO/Woodbridge, VA

Social Service Mixtape ft Ari

Godamus Rhyme & 6th Sense

This is Godamus Rhyme don't sleep this is dope I REPEAT DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! If you love hiphop then you need to download this mixtape.
Here is the press release
Fresh on the heels of 2 great bodies of work by NYC Producer 6th Sense (”It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!” and “It’s Notherground Music!!”) comes “The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense.”

The new mixtape, by Florida emcee Godamus Rhyme, is comprised of songs recorded to the instrumentals from It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!, the mixtape was born out of a public challenge from founder Mike Waxx: “To All Artists: Whoever can kill at least ten of these tracks and come with a concept and artwork, we will sponsor your tape.”
Upon downloading 6th Sense’s mix and reviewing the contents, Godamus quickly determined that ten was not enough. “Once I heard the quality of the music, I knew I had to kill every beat on there,” he says. “Who else would be crazy enough?”
Godamus worked tirelessly to complete the ambitious effort. After first putting pen to paper on March 2nd, he emerged a month later with a fully completed project. “It took me about 2 weeks to write. The rest of the time was spent in the studio and doing the art,” he notes. “I could have done it faster, but I also work a 9 to 5.”
Inspired by the variety of sounds that 6 th Sense brought to the table, Godamus used The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense as an aural playground to showcase his artistic abilities, using his skills as a rapper and singer to offer a variety of stories, social commentaries, and a healthy amount of shit-talking to the mix.
“He went in,” 6th Sense says about the project. “I can’t believe he actually did the whole thing. Respect.”
“6th Sense has so many different styles; it really allowed me to just experiment. Dude’s beats just had a real dope vibe,” Godamus says. “For the first time in a long time, all I had to worry about was being an emcee and rocking out to the tracks. I wrote ten tracks in the first day, and I’ve NEVER done that before. So it was definitely a challenge, but it brought out the best in me.”


Naeem Oba

Out of Colorado by way of Murderapolis, Mn

Ok I'm very hyped about this artist. I have come to find out that Illmind(one of my favorite producers) is executively producing his album "Unorthodox". In addition these producer are most likely going to be on the album Jake One (G Unit, De La Soul), Black Milk (Pharoe Monch, Slum Village, Busta Rhymes), Khrysis (Little Brother, Sean P), King Karnov (Bishop Lamont, Rakim) Soundtrakk (Lupe Fiasco) and possibly Madlib. Everything from his Lyrical delivery to his beat selections is on point. Trust me you will not be dissapointed.

The Symbolism Mixtape


Out of Newport News, VA

Social Service Mixtape ft goodKnight

Sha Prince

Out of Ontario, Canada


Out of Detroit, MI


Out of Sweden

Witness the Empress EP


The other day I was roaming the internet and came across this free album "Radio New York" and was introduced to Outasight. Now when I saw this white guy in a suit and tie I wasn't sure what I was about to hear but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does he spit dope rhymes he also sings soulful melodies and sometimes he intertwines the two in the same verse. Trust me you will not be disappointed.


From There to Here

Radio New York

Employee of the Year



Introbeats is from Reykjavik, Iceland intro was introduced to the Icelandic hip hop music and culture around the mid-90..s. Finding his place behind the decks he soon became one of Iceland's finest turntablists, rocking parties, battles and competitions, earning him local titles as well as final positions in some international DJ battles (Vestax Extravaganza Semi Finals in Stockholm 2001 & Vestax Extravaganza World finals 2002 in London,NOW ON DVD!!!). But in early 2000 his enthusiastic approach towards turntablism was put on hold by a new found passionin beat making. After many late night sessions with good friend and Crazy ass producer ,EARMAX, Intro knew where he truly belonged. Only by diving into the world of sampling and cratediggin’ could he start to harvest his musical potential. Around the same time Intro and five other young Reykjavik artists came together in EARMAX's studio to record a few tracks for Mr.Slim's Analog EP. Most of them had either been in groups that split up, or were looking for people to work with, so it was just a perfect fit and the crew Forgotten Lores ( was founded. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album in 2003, featuring Intro on the boards & decks alongside Diddi Felix and DJ Bruff, he's been producing for various artists, including the Human Substance project with MC Rain of TMC and the much-awaited-soon-to-drop album Arkir with fellow FL member and vocalist Byrkir. Intro is also a graduate from the SAE school of audio engineering in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Beat Tape '04 '05 Podcast

Travel Beat Tape '08 Podcast

Raul Supreme

Raul Supreme

Raul Supreme is from Birmingham, UK I don't have any info on his bio but belive me his beats are so smooth.


Beat Tape Vol 1

Free Speech

This is one of my favorite artists here is his bio taken from

Free Speech is that refreshingly memorable wordsmith that wraps provocative, poignant content in a standout h*ly shit flow. With a hunger that resonates on every track, his music provides a colorful commentary of the world we live in - people, places, and change. Fighting off comparisons to Talib Kweli, Little Brother, and the Native Tongues generation, Free Speech's soulfully energetic delivery, candor, and distinguished lyrical arsenal sets the artist apart as an entirely new breed of emcee. Free Speech is quickly gaining momentum from a well-designed push in the public's eyes and ears. His buzzworthy "Everything is Different Now" music video - filmed in one continuous shot that takes viewers on an introspective journey around four corners of a busy Manhattan intersection - brought home Best Music Video honors at New York City's Evil City Film Festival in 2006. Alongside Nas, his trademark bound-and-gagged image served as the backdrop for Damian Marley's "Road to Zion" video.The Stanford graduate overturns the perception that substantive music against the mainstream grain can't entertain. "As the son of two eccentric artists, I recognize the role hip-hop can play in tempering the issues facing our generation," he acknowledges. "I also recognize that there are no rules prohibiting 'conscious' expression from being fused with damn good music" -- a sentiment confirmed by the international success of his Calisthenix mixtape and 30,000+ album downloads of Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth. Believe in Free Speech.

You can purchase Calisthenix from Free Speech's myspace it is also on sale at for $4 it is well worth it.


Ro Blvd. feat. Micah James, Sik, & Free Speech - Build 'Em Up

Free Speech & Ro Blvd present: Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth

01. Free Speech - Intro
02. Free Speech - Shake Your Laffy Taffy
03. Free Speech - Become of Me
04. Plat - I Wish
05. Free Speech - Everything is Different Now
06. Stereo Type - Come and Go
07. Stereo Type - Replace U ft Free Speech
08. Free Speech - Lovin' Cali
09. Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push (RAD Edition)
10. Ro Blvd., Free Speech, & TalkSik - Brekfast Club P.S.A. No. 1

**all tracks produced by Ro Blvd.**

Soul Theory

Soul Theory is a producer outta Tampa Bay, FL in 2004, he independently released his debut album "The Definition" the album was produced entirely by Soul Theory and received excellent online reviews it featured Knowledge Medina, Divine, The Whole Truth, Logistic, and himself. He continude to work with Divine and in 2005 released "Divine Theory" with all production being handled by Soul Theory and Divine on the mic. Soul Theory then went on to work with Big Cas and legendary emcee Rasco of Cali Agents. He then went on to produce tracks with Knowledge Medina and formed the group K.S. Flow with Knowledge Medina on the mic and Soul Theory on production. This year the group released the album " On the Come Up" which not only featured Soul Theory on production he also laid down his vocals to six of the twelve tracks. Since then he has been working with Reks, Skyzoo, Knowledge Medina, Supastition, Big Shug, Termanology, Ea$y Money, Chi Knox and many more artists. You can purchase K.S. Flow " On the Come Up" from Soul Theory through his myspace for just $5 with shipping included or you can get the album from itunes. You can also find his production on Rek's new album "Grey Hairs" on the track "Money on The Ave ft Skyzoo" and on Termanology's new mixtape "50 Bodies 2" on the remix to "Money on The Ave".


The 9mm

On The Run

Ready For War

Rusty Ps

Rusty Ps are a group out of Milwaulkee, WI they have been making music since 1995 and they have preformed with The Pharcyde, Killa Kella, Run DMC, Eminem, Blackalicious, Latyrx, DJ Shadow, The Roots, Slick Rick, Jurassic 5, Digital Underground, Masta Ace, Hieroglyphics, Ludacris, The Black Eyed Peas, Nappy Roots and Atmosphere. They have put out five albums so far. The newest album "The Shape of Things to Come" was released earlier this year and most of their albums are available through cd baby or itunes.

So Good
Funk'd Up
Tough Stuff ft. Kid Millions
If you are in the area there next show is
Friday, Sept. 26 10pm
With: Eyedea and Abilities
Where: Stonefly Brewing Co.
735 E Center St., Milwaukee, WI

Volumes 1-5

01. Vintage - Survival Lessons ft Acts? Lord (Prod: Acts? Lord)
02. Cunninlynguists - Hellfire rmx(Prod: Joey Beats)
03. Gnormen Insanate Baites - Doomsday Device(Prod: O*Asiatic)
04. Session - Don't Do It(Prod: Tonedeff)
05. PackFM - Stomp remix ft. Bad Seed, Session, Copywrite, Poison Penn, Arch Rival & Sean Price(Prod: Elite)
06. Kynfolk - Followuz(Prod: Deacon The Villan)
07. Fax 4 - Mean Ol Limp(Prod: Apt)
08. PumpkinHead - Swordfish remix ft Rocky Marciano(Prod: Marco Polo)
09. Doujah Raze - Plastic World(Prod: Shuko)
10. Surreal - All Over the Globe(Prod: Keelay)
11. Take Comfort in Mine Arms(Prod: Vahe)
12. Fresh Daily(Formerly known as Ill Tarzan)- Willing to Try(Prod: Light Out)
13. Tonedeff - Lets Go rmx(Prod: Croup)
14. J.Cash - On Top(Prod: Algorythm)
15. Mr. SOS - Time(What Is It?)(Prod: Kno)
16. Substantial - Let Me Stay(Prod: Tdot Da Kid)
17. Illumeenous- Broken Souls(Prod: Subtracktion)
18. AV - Reflections(Prod: Whooligan)
19. Awful Truth - Rain(Prod: 9th Wonder)
20. Slo-Mo - Yesterday(Prod: Zaire)
21. Small Eyez - The Hidden Message(Prod: Ms. Cooley)
22. Bring Me Back(Prod: J. Phish)

Vol 1.5
01. Cyra Unique - Rule#5(prod: BNB Productions)
02. Porta Klick - Underground Warfare(prod: Mec One)
03. ThaGetaway(prod: Silence)
04. Preach - Dance(prod: Jah Freedom)
05. Free Speech - Real(prod: Just Beats)
06. Jonyfraze - Get on Down(prod: Jonyfraze)
07. Rich Mo - Get Nice(prod: Dub Sonata)
08. AD The Voice - Flesh of My Flesh(prod: TK & Big Russ)
09. Daz Dillinger - On Some Real Shit ft. Rick Ross Unknown Productions Remix(prod: Unknown)
10. Bone Crusher - Southern Gorrilaz ft Cotton(prod: Soleternity)

Cover designed by Uncle Slam
01. Acts Lord?-The IT FACTOR(prod: Mec One)
02. Caveman Theory-IT(prod: Sha Disco)
03. Baby Blak-Thinking About Me(prod: Snowgoons)
04. The Aztext-The Game ftQ-Unique(prod: Special Weapon Productions)
05. Slept On Fam-AudioCrack(prod: Configa)
06. Nameles-Substance Abuse(prod: Nameles)
07. Cadalack Ron-Los Angeles Shooting Galleries(prod: Silence)
08. Born Unique-Life & Times(prod: Domingo)
09. Cyra Unique-Time ft Pearl Gates(prod: J. Johnson)
10. Porta Klick-Tearz of the Sun(prod: Fep Dogz)
11. Raks One-Let It Live ft Soulstice(Produced By Illmind)
12. Jonyfraze-What it is... (prod: Keelay)
13. Preach-South Coca(prod: Midi Marc)
14. AD,The VOICE-No Difference(prod: TK and Big Russ)
15. Phrase-Catch Phrase remix ft Daniel Merriweather(prod: Unknown)
16. WanderingImage-Enchanted(prod: WanderingImage)
17. Free Speech-I Believe(prod: Soleternity)
18. Double AB-Whatever(prod: Dub Sonata)
19. The Ranjahz-Blood Bros ft Born Unique(prod: by Sketchman)
20. Cawzlos-When Worlds Collide(prod: Chase)

Cover Designed by Cam

01. Doujah Raze - Roam(prod: Returners)
02. Intafada - We At War ft Illselect(prod: Dj Paper)
03. Sha Stimuli - My Life Ft. Block Mcloud(prod: J.Cardim)
04. Mala Reignz - BX Til' I Die ft Elus(prod: Hecklerhouse)
05. Bekay - Ready To Go(prod: Dj Krylon for Armyfatique)
06. Hassaan Mackey - Classic! ft Kenn Starr, Kev Brown & Gut(prod: Young Cee)
07. Outbrst - Stress(prod: Analogic)
08. Wyldbunch - Wutup Wutup(prod: Howard Lloyd)
09. Illa Ghee - Bitch Ass Nigga(prod: Guns N Butter)
10. Joe Buck - Take It Back(prod: Dexter Doolittle)
11. Acts? Lord - The Pull(prod: Keelay)
12. The Braves - Flashbacks(prod: Domingo)
13. The Aztext - Keepin' it Live(prod: Special Weapon Productions)
14. Kap - '88 to '08(prod: Dj Dolo)
15. King Magnetic - King and the Cauze ft ft. Reef the Lost Cauze(prod: King Magnetic)
16. Conflict - A Good Day(prod: Drastic)
17. Sean Black -Let That Go feat. Cali Agents (producedby Alkota)
18. Mc Tia - I Will Do Anything(prod: Dj Bobbybob)
19. Double A.B. - Dedication(prod: Dub Sonata)
20. Son Of Light - We(prod: Tommy Tee)
21. Preach - Freestyle(prod: Algorythm)
22. Head ResiNators - Moron Music(prod: t.E.C.K.)
23. Crash - Nighthawks at the Diner(prod: Jonyfraze)

01. Cadalack Ron - SilentSunZ(prod: Silence)
02. J-Snyder - OnAndOn(prod: J-Snyder)
03. Concrete Cash Flow - Its A New Day remix ft. AD(prod: Mec One)
04. Underworld - Stand Up(prod: Foundation Beats)
05. U-N-I - The Launch(prod: Ro Blvd)
06. Kartel Family - On The Grind(prod: Big Skilly)
07. Lush One - High Times (prod: Phillip Drummond)
08. Godamus Rhyme - Let It Go(prod: Godamus Rhyme)
09. Ardamus - Superdrugs(prod: Ardamus)
10. Taiyamo Denku - Medicinal Wordkind ft Pacewon(prod: Bad Abbot)
11. Kosha Dillz - Rollercoaster Baby(prod: Mr. Green)
12. K- Beta - Live From The(prod: Overok)
13. Scribe - Say It Again(remix)(prod: P-Money)
14. Billy Kincaid - We Live On ft Gabby(prod: KB Sharp & Minim)
15. Spesh K - Saturday Night(prod: Classified)
16. P Casso - Mr. Hollywood(prod: Earth Tone King)
17. Skateboard Squeeze - Runnin your Mouth ft Lil Wayne(prod: Sean Jaun)
18. Will Widdoss - Here(prod: Kixnare)
19. Solo.X - Black September(prod: RU)
20. Majestik Originality - The Muse(prod: 2 Deep)

Here it is Volume 5 the Double album you can either download the two parts seprately or you can download them together.

Part 1

01. The Problemaddicts - Breath ft Agent 23 & Adam Strange(prod: Tone)
02. Outasight - Love or Confusion?(prod: D/Will)
03. The Reminders - Outside My Window(prod: Base Jase)
04. Introspect - Lights Camera Action(prod: Elaquent)
05. Peshi - Moments Treasured(prod: Flyphonic)
06. Khizman - Government Names(prod: Keelay & Zaire)
07. Fortilive - Actin Ill(prod: Drastic)
08. Nobody Famous - Famous' Laboratory ft Chris Young(prod: Nobody Famous)
09. The Aztext - Blues & Jazz(prod: Dub Sonata)
10. J-Snyder - Soul Funk(prod: J-Snyder)
11. Underground Realroad - Homegrown ft Dj Overflow(prod: Drexl)
12. Wyldbunch - Aint Fuckin Wit Me(prod: Drastic)
13. Sk, Face The Truth, & Plex Long - Die-Nasty(prod: J Phaytul)
14. Wyldbunch - International Hustler(prod: Dj Rogue)
15. The Problemaddicts - Money ft Platypus Complex(prod: Dj Theory)
16. Burnt MD - Medicinal Distributor(prod: Tha Professor)

Part 2

01. Syntax - Make It ft. Tactic One(prod: M-Phazes)
02. Introspect - I Got Love ft Mr. Blue(prod: Elaquent)
03. Outasight - Lights, Camera, Action(prod: Dante Lewis)
04. Burnt MD - Show Stoppa(prod: Reef)
05. Brokn.Englsh - Yah Dig ft 8thW1(prod: Def Dom)
06. Ardamus - Untitled(prod: Gee Wiz)
07. Will Widdoss - Fair Weather Friends(prod: The Deep Notes)
08. Duality - Escape The Pain(prod: Scumbag)
09. Nobody Famous - Pressure(prod: Nobody Famous)
10. Brokn.Englsh - Never Ran(prod: Deal The Villan)
11. Bhon - One Hit Wonder ft. Shuanise(prod: Elaquent)
12. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Man Next Door(prod: Dox)
13. Will Widdoss - Gnats(prod: Dak)
14. The Aztext - Our Kingdom ft Mac Lethal(prod: Dub Sonata & E Train)
15. Black Tabacco - The 20 Grand Exit(prod: DutchMasters)
16. Spesh K - Thats It Y'all ft Sadat X & Moka Only(prod: Stinson)

Both parts

I hope you all enjoy it and as allways I have included links to both the artists and producers.