Monday, March 22, 2010

Jay Who? AKA Jayme Whouligan

Out of Chicago, Illinois

So I know the last couple of post have just been artists from Sweden and I bet you've all been thinking " Where are the US artists " well look no further. I often download things and forget to listen to them. I was looking through my itunes when I found Jay Who?'s Where Da Sidewalk Ends and was amazed by great beats, flow, and lyrics. I immediately went and found his myspace and come to find out that he was not only rhyming on the album he also made all of the beats as he does on all of his albums. Where Da Sidewalk Ends is actually his first release which he put out in 2008 since then he has put out another album The Light In Da' Addict last year and this year a 7 song EP The Temple Of Who in which he samples Shirley Temple. In addition to honor the memory of Micheal Jackson he created StillJackson which is Nas Stillmatic remixed with samples from the Jackson 5. The albums and EP can be previewed and downloaded at his website all for free click on the covers below to be taken to the albums. Trust me you will not be dissapointed.

Where Da Sidewalk Ends

The Light In Da' Addict

The Temple Of Who



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