Thursday, December 2, 2010

November 2010 Wrap Up Mixtape


01.AbJo - Let's Begin..
02.Kris Kasanova - The Long Way Home
03.JuSoul - The Stereotype feat. Kaze
04.Truth By Design - Trace Elements
05.Ahnom - Keep On
06.John Crown - I Got You(prod. by TrussOne)
07.Dru B Shinin' - The Promise
08.Chuck Lee - Left Right Feat. J Dub & JvO(Produced By Chuck Lee)
09.JR & PH7 - Change (feat. Buff1 & Larissa Sirah)
10.Tope - Yours ft Cool Nutz & Illmaculate
11.Grynch & DJ Nphared - It's Go Time
12.e.d.g.e. - What You're Missing f/ Claire Mortifee
13.Mercies May - My Word (feat. Elsa Esmeralda)
14.Emilio Rojas - Close To Me
15.J.O. - ms five six
16.Jesse Abraham - Little Bit of Everything
17.Kaine Karrera - Music Man
18.William Jordan - Do you think about me
19.Kevin Lester - Rockstar 2.0 feat Vanessa Fernandez
20.Gee Wiz - My (Little) Brother & Me
21.David Cash (Feat. The Game and Asia"h Epperson) - City Of Angels
22.Josh Michalec - 60 Seconds To What? (Snippet)
23.KOYTO - Aloe Blacc - Dark Skin (KOYTO Remix)
24.Mallie - Im The Man
25.Malcolm Young - EXHIBIT M.Y.
26.Sinatra Royale - Ash-Tray(prod. Tois De Noise)
27.The Tay - The Crush
28.Kevin Lester - Fresh Pair feat SonaOne, P.Cess (Thaitanium) & Syaheed
29.Prince Samo - 21 Gun Salute
30.Voli - For the Fam Freestyle (Prod. Voli)
31.MC NEJMA SHEA - Self-Deception
32.B.I.G. Nel - New Afrikan Kapitalizm
33.Mane Rok - Mama Said Ft Zome
34.Big Malk & Jack of All Trades - The District (Prod. Big Malk & Jack of All Trades)
35.TiZ'YOsh & 2tone - We're bringin' it
36.Mr.FP -Allow Me...
37.Dru B Shinin' - So Outta Here
38.Kris Kasanova - It's Okay
39.Ike Da Kid and Seph Ade - You're Gonna Make It
40.Allyawan - Sacrifice

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