Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am writing this entry to let you all know that the blog is going on hiatus. I will still do the monthly wrap up for March for both Beats and Rhymes. I'm going on hiatus because in about a month and a half I will become a father and I want to focus all my attention on my wife and son. Don't get me wrong I love doing the blog and sharing new artists with everyone but I spend too much time on it. I also realized that I haven't given a good portion of the albums and beat tapes the listen they deserve since I'm constantly putting up new music. I may come back I may not. If I do start posting again there wont be as much to the posts probably just a picture and the music embedded  as I had to search to find a lot of the links. I want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love both people following the blog as well as artists. I'm a fan first and foremost so if you have something dope and you want me to check it out send me an email. If you have a twitter account you can add me to find out if I start posting since everything I post up on here I link on there. My twitter is and my email is

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