Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charmingly Ghetto Interview

Get to know the one the only Charmingly Ghetto he was able to take sometime out of his busy schedule to do this interview.

Introduce yourself to the people let them know who Charmingly Ghetto is.

CG: Charmingly Ghetto is a reality, a train of thought, an experience and a journey. My name bascially summarizes the dual lives that people of color in the US are subject to face everyday. Derived from the Double Conciousness Theory of WEB Dubois in The Souls of Black Folk I am that. An enigma that lyrically prods pushes and tests the limitations of not only myself but others through music. An identifiably unique sound with a profound message of rawness delievered through misunderstanding and the need for self expression. Did I lose you... good.

Thats whats up, all right man question one. Who are your biggest influences on your music?

CG: My musical influences range from the literature that I have exposed myself to, to the artists that I listen to on a daily basis, to my experiences that I've learned and grown from. As far as other hip hop artists that I've likened my music to that have definitely been influences such as Nas, Common and the Wu (yea... the whole squad!) I can relate to such artists based on the subject matter of their lyrics, their mastery of the microphone and their charisma and intrigue. Through literature I have been able to learn the poetic devices I use and also develop the ability to create storylines and script out tales with rhymes, the same way an author draws the reader in by adding their unique touch. As far as experience goes, I think we can all relate to the way that our realities are shaped by what we go through. So yea those are my influences...they are my easel with which I paint.

What can listeners expect from the album and can you tell us a release date yet?

CG: As of rite now, I have an upcoming mixtape project in the works that is in development and let's just say its centered around the essence of what hip hop is and what it has the potential to become as long as we delve deep into its origins: utilizing the elements for the greater good, communicating the pain and frustration of the present day and remaining innovative and relevant through revamping the tools we have been given thus far.

Its a great look for hip hop and music in general. EP and album work will definitely be forthcoming no doubt. Stay tuned...

Looking forward to that. Production wise who are you working with right now?

CG: I am working with a team outta ATL that goes by the name of Introspective Minds and let me just tell you this - dudes are crazy with the vibes. You can check out my work on their production on my new single "1 More Rhyme" (that is ready for free DL and radio airplay on the promo site at www.charminglyghetto.com/). I'm also working with a couple of great international producers, which I will feature on forthcoming projects as well. Check it out and you'll def feel the essence on that 1 Morre Rhyme joint. I'm always open to workin with creative minds and expanding my network, so anyone out there feeling the music just let me know and just link me via my website or Twitter and let me know!

I'll be sure to check them out, they'll be up on the blog soon then. If you could work with one producer who would it be?

CG: I would be honored to work with a producer like Pete Rock for sure. Just hang out in the studio with him, observe his artistic tendencies, get a feel for the manner in which he develops his beats and recognizes the syncopation patterns within his music, and the manner in which he would take the time to match his beats to my rhymes. Then I would call the track we put together "Beats 2 My Rhymes". Wouldn't that be dope? Can I say I'd like to work with 9th Wonder as well? We can save that for the next interview. Haha!

I would love to see that happen next interview for sure hahah. Who are you checking for as far as emcees?

CG: Man listen I may have to 1 thru 5 that list, cuz its way too extensive. I'd have to say I'd definitely wanna collab with artists like J Cole, Fashawn and Freddie Gibbs. Artists like those guys seem to exute a particular keen sense of creatively conveying the message of the struggle within oneself, their current surroundings and the knowledge and experience of their past that makes them who they are. All of that really interests me in the MCs I vibe off of and gain influence from for my own music. Im always concerned with what will affect my own craft and direction of my life when I think about the music I listen to, whether its a feel good track or a soul searching type of song, what feeling does it leave me with? I can't forget MCs like Styles P and Ghostface Killah as well who are just the ultimate microphone controllers! Shouts to them as well!

One last question and it's a tough one. If you only had one album to listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I had 1 album to listen to for the rest of my life...that is a very interesting and difficult question to answer. But where there is a will...there is a way. I would have to say that the album would have to be the ever so classic and timeless Notorious B.I.G. Ready To Die LP. That Cd just emis so much passion and love for self understanding and expression, blended with the story telling and grace of the noblest African griot. I feel like I could spin that CD on repeat over an over (which I do) and that it would consistently push me to create more timeless music within the same frame as what Biggie did. RIP to one of the greatest indeed. By the way I HATE you for that question...carry on...

Hahahaha thanks for the interview man. Looking forward to hearing more of your music in the future.

Preview "1 More Rhyme" below


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